Nataša Pantović MSc Economics, Maltese Serbian Novelist, Adoptive Parent, and Ancient Worlds’ Consciousness Researcher.

Using stories of ancient Greek and Egyptian philosophers and ancient artists, after being Head of Business Development, Consultant and Trainer of 4 largest consulting and IT companies in the UK, Holland, and Malta, I inspire researchers to reach beyond their self-imposed boundaries. Volunteering, I have organized 6 large Body, Mind and Spirit Festivals, I have provided panels for the International Vegetarian Festival, 10 days Conference about Neolithic Temples, and have represented Malta’s IT outsourcing, all around the planet. Published author since 1991, with a legal book on Co-operatives, I have helped build a school in a remote village of Ethiopia, and have since adopted two kids, as a single mum: check out our unusual story! In the last five years, with Artof4Elements, have published 2 historical fictions and 7 non-fiction books. Speak English, Serbian, all Balkan Slavic languages, Maltese and Italian.

Born in 1968, in Belgrade, Serbia, worked for many years in Management Consultancy and Executive Management Training. With more than 25 years of experience working with large management consulting companies and consulting independently, major clients include Local Councils, Attorney General of Malta, Education Ministry, Government of Malta, Vodafone Malta, Barclays Kenya, and Safeway UK.

At the moment, I am fascinated by the research into Ancient Europe's Consciousness and Art. Applied Psychology and Philosophy from Tao to Jung, to deeper understand Intuitive Wisdom and Pure Ratio, through the Power of Mind. The AoL publishing include 2 fiction and 5 non-fiction books:

* ''A-Ma Alchemy of Love | or Playing the Glass Bead Game with Pythagoras'' (2018)

 * ''Art of 4 Elements | Discover Alchemy through Poetry'' (2015)

* ''Mindful Being Course| towards Mindful Living' (2016)

* ''Conscious Parenting | Mindful Living Course for Parents ' (2017) with Ivana Milosavljević

* ''Tree of Life | a Journey into the Field of Dreams'' (2018)

* ''Conscious Creativity | Ancient Europe's Mindfulness Meditations'' (2019)

* ''Spiritual Symbols | with Their Meanings (2019)

* Metaphysics of Sound | In Search of the Name of God (2021)